Music by Lada

Recent Works

O Mo MhairiMy version of a Scottish "waulking song"
Siuil A RunA beautiful Irish song. Its title means "Go my love"
Farewell To The CastleNewer version of this song. Lyrics were written by my friend Katya Erofeeva.
Walking In The AirThis song has the unique air of true romance.
Talking to the MoonWritten by Lada
Lines of FateSometimes a coincidence makes you think it's not just a coincidence. Although it's hard to believe, but still I think there's something like a Global Plan for all of us.
Golden HeartYou should never judge a person by the way he is treated by others. That's the main idea.

Memories Of What Never Happened (2006)

Song For IrelandComposed by Phil Colclough long ago. I recorded it for a song competition in spring 2006
Summer RainWhen the sky frowns and begins to cry, every leaf is eager to feel the soothing touch of raindrops.
In Search Of SpringWhen the gentle morning sunlight floods the fields covered with melting snow and I see the first buds of snowdrops, it makes me want to sing
Winter EveningIt was a long cold winter, I was sitting by the window and staring at the stars...
Don't Let The Moment PassThe song was composed by Eric Woolfson. This tune has been one of my favourites for many years, so I decided to record my version.

The Hero And The Genius (2006)

Alma MaterIntroduction to the musical.
Years PassYears pass and people grow older, the two students have to decide which way to go.
The Theme Of Power And MoneyOne of them takes the road towards making a carreer and reaching the power
Music Of The SpheresAnother one chose science. He is absorbed with his research and the rest of the world doesn't exist for him.
Fighting For PowerThe way to the top is guarded by thousands of clerks and emloyees who dance to the drum of the President, a fierce giant dragon
GirlsBut the Hero doesn't give up and promotes higher and higher, he is surrounded by love and admiration of the girls.
Defeating The DragonThe symbolic dragon flees and the Hero reaches the highest power and becomes the Dragon himself.
Love Of The GeniusThe Genius finds his happiness too, the woman who is interested in his research and loves him.
The DiscoveryThe Genius reaches his goal, he makes a great discovery, but then he dies.
The AscentionHis work was a miracle to all the mankind. All the people and the Dragon himself came to worship the Genius as he ascends to Heaven.


Song Of Tinuviel (low quality 96Kbps)Inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's story of Tinuviel, the beautiful elf maiden who sacrificed immortality for the sake of her beloved human warrior.
Song of Earendil (56Kbps)Another story by Tolkien of how the mariner Earendil travelled to the lands of elves

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